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I like the thought of this mountain just standing strong and free. My feelings as I wandered through the meadows of Mt. Rainier. Be well. Peace and Love



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[The everlook action tutorial!]

I feel old when I'm describing an image that's now 6 years old! Back them without the kids, tramping was something we did together rather than separately. Doing these hikes found Marianne's tolerance for altitude is quite low. Above 4000m, things start to go awry with nausea, incoordination, severe headaches and shortness of breath. Annapurna Base Camp sits at just over 4100m and on our first night there, a combination of panic and acute mountain sickness had a few of us walking down halfway toward Macchapucchre base camp which is 300-400m lower in altitude. When Marianne started to feel better, we basically set up an open air camp in the brisk late October air and watched the stars above while huddled up. Night images taken with the 5dmk2 then were pretty noisy but I hope to be able to return some day with the new gear to properly photograph this amazing cauldron of giant mountains extending up to 8000m in some directions. Macchapucchre itself is relatively small at 7000m altitude.



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Nothing crazy here, just a fun morning out on one of them ridiclous Canadian lakes. More on the gram @william_patino


Little Owlet running...

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A newborn Little Owlet in a hurry...



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Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Ios Sleeps

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This past spring, Naomi and I spent 5 weeks exploring many different islands in the Greek Cyclades and Ios was definitely a wonderful destination for photography.

While we were visiting, we were fortunate to have excellent (and colorful) sunsets nearly every day - a rare treat in this area approaching the summer months.

During the entire duration of the trip, I was also working to promote local tourism by capturing some never-before-seen aerial angles of some of the less visited (yet still stunningly beautiful) islands. Let’s just say that you’ll be seeing quite a few new videos very soon. ;)

And no, though many new aerial angles will be coming soon, this shot wasn’t captured by my DJI Inspire Pro. Ios was also one of the locations I used to test the X-T2 prototype and prepare my detailed review. If you missed it, you can find it here:

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Bow sun

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Who Framed the Skogafoss ?

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60 meter high waterfall , skoga


Scoresby Sound

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We've just returned to Iceland from 2-week sailing around Scoresby Sound. What a fantastic trip it was! Greenland is magical. It is outer world, with ice castles, glaciers, jagged "Patagonia-style" mountains and wonderful weather. For 2 weeks we had only one overcast day, all other days were with crazy sunsets and sunrises. It will be hard to return in the "real" world after the Greenland world again...



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Dark Vapor

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A mist wave flows through the Galibier pass in the night, illuminated by the full moon.

© Vincent Favre



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Highlands of Iceland, Jul 2016



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Into the Forest

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Shortie in Flight

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Going through some old files and came across this guy (or gal).


One name higher.

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Down In The River

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'Down In The River'
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