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Welcome to my beach

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Sunrise in Rhodes


Autumn color #2

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Incheon park in Incheon, Korea.


The Tempest

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Milan, Italy
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Early morning fog over a placid lake


A Misty Invitation

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One of my images appearing in the Hasselblad book 2016. Also distributed as a free poster during the Photokina fair in Cologne. So when you're there, get one at the Hasselblad stand
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Speulder forest 2016



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Symmetry is all around us and has always been associated with beauty. Depending on the location and time to explore, you can strengthen or weaken the symmetric properties of a scene. Camera placement, height and angle can make or break any landscape.

Look around the scene and discover anything that could have converging lines of symmetry. In lots of my work I use the butterfly technique to create visual balance.

I find vertical lines of symmetry easier to spot than horizontal lines of symmetry. The trick is to find your symmetrical object of choice and center it in your frame.

Using the valley and river from the waterfall to lead the viewer through the scene is a classic landscape composition and creates a butterfly shape all pointing to Mt Fitz Roy the centrepiece of the scene.


Hummingbird and queen fuchsia

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A female hummingbird visits the queen fuchsia


Sunset Road

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This image of my sweet little Elliott was taken by my good friend Suzy Mead of Portraits By Suzy and she graciously allowed me to edit it. You can see more of my work at the following links: WEBSITE | INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK


Early days of 1919'

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Personal Skype color grading & retouch lessons & video tutorials.
Персональное обучение ретуши и обработке по Скайпу.

Модель - Соня Валикова
Model - Sonya Valikova

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Cin cin at sunset

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A beautiful calm morning at The Lingehaven in Gorinchem just a 25 minute drive of where I live.......
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Passo Giau

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Passo Giau, the Dolomites.
After an afternoon with rain showers, the sun broke through the clouds just before sunset, and I was blessed with some nice light.



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Incidental Tourist

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Still Life

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Today, as it has been for what seems an eternity, the weather was shit. Grey, low hanging cloud that left everything you looked at colourless. That was until Matt and I arrived at the old Swanage pier. For some reason, although there was nothing above us but mottled, leaden skies, the water was rendered almost turquoise. I really haven't added any colour to this image, this is how it looked. Swanage pier, the old one that is, is built for long exposure photography. All that remain are the old struts that stick out of the water like broken teeth, each one a different shape and size and they slowly melt into the horizon. Couple with the contrasting new pier, the water laps between the two and if you time it just right, you get a beautiful, serene shot. I took quite a few of these today, with slightly differing composition and some monochrome, so I may also post a few more.



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The giant panda is a so-called conservation reliant vulnerable species. For many years the panda was considered endangered, but in March 2015, the wild giant panda population increased by 268, or 16.8%, totalling to 1,864 individuals. In 2016, the IUCN reclassified the species from "endangered" to "vulnerable”. That’s good news, but the giant panda population is still far from healthy.

Habitat loss and extremely poor reproductive skills are the main reasons the panda is struggling. A fortune is being spent every year to save the panda, and it’s only because of the incredible cuteness factor of this charismatic animal that the conservation efforts have been succesful.

It was a real joy to watch these funny creatures in real life, and it reminded me of this important piece of oriental wisdom:

Always be yourself.
Unless you can be a panda,
then be a panda.

- - -

If you would like to photograph giant pandas yourself, then check out our China’s Endangered Wildlife photo tour:

Not only will we photograph these über cute animals, we will also photograph the endangered Golden snub-nosed monkeys and Yunnan snub-nosed monkeys in their beautiful forest habitat. These monkeys are incredibly photogenic and funny looking, and this is the first and only tour in the world that offers you this opportunity.

So if you’re done photographing elephants, lions, bears, foxes and eagles, and you’re in for something truly unique, then this will get you the shots very few other people have.



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Beautiful sexy lady in elegant black panties and stockings. Fashion portrait of model indoors

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Beautiful sexy lady in elegant black panties and stockings. Fashion portrait of model indoors. Beauty blonde woman with attractive body in lace lingerie. Female ass in underwear. Close up naked girl